Brief: To produce a 5 minute drama film.
After Caroline's discovery of her husband's affair, her upset and betrayal leads to some drastic actions...
Behind the Scenes
This was a month-long project with 5 crew members (director, producer, editor, sound and DOP). I took charge as producer making sure we started planning as a team from the get go. Being a producer was strenuous at times as I took on many roles of:
- Scheduling crew meetings, shoot days, overall project
- Actor finding and auditioning
- Prop sourcing and preparation
- Finances 
- Risk assessments 
- Location organisation
Also on the two shoot days, I was the 1st AD, ensuring my crew and actors were fully briefed and stuck to scheduling.
Production Folder
As the producer, I organised our production folder. Click this link to see the full document.
Explore some of my art direction work ...
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