During my first year at uni, I worked as a 1st AC on two projects:
- Horror movie "Susurri" (1st year project)
-Music Video "Polly - In My Bed" (2nd year project)
Susurri (2024)
I really enjoyed helping out on this library horror movie. I was on set helping set up camera and grip equipment which included setting up dolly tracks, tripod and lens changes. What I learnt most was focus pulling as I had to know via the director and DOP what their intentions were to execute accurately.
"In My Bed" by Polly (2024)
(Music video not out yet, but small behind the scenes clip below)
I helped a 2nd year project as 1st AC. Although I did not get to focus pull, it was really worthwhile helping the camera operator with setting up and putting markers to focus pull on the live band. I also helped the cinematographer as gaffer, working with different lights and gels.
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