​​​​​​​Brief: To design a product or service that tackles the challenges of the ageing population in 35-50 years.
The following slides are my own and are simplified for a concise overview. To view the final group report and portfolio please visit this link.
In this group project, I was in charge of:
- Technology validation regarding data and robotics
- Organising and interviewing users as part of the UCD
- Programming the works-like prototype and its demonstrations using the Raspberry Pi extension
-  We as a group of three were all involved in the portfolio creation, ideation and system design
Amica: A Tiered Service
Through a combination of user research, further validation in psychological aspects and voice assistive technology we formulated the framework of Amica:
To help with user feedback, a prototype of the voice assistant to specific scenarios was programmed via a Google AIY Voice Kit
Exhibition Video
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