Imagine it is 2050, and the majority of the population are wearing their 2ND MIND that acts as an automatic memory recorder/replayer. The human capacity to remember is obsolete. ​​​​​​​
Brief: To design a speculative handheld IOT device that follows the industrial design process
In this project, I explored the question "How might we record memories?" with the emerging research on brain machine interfaces. My first graded attempt lacked narrative so I redid this project in my spare time to really focus on how my design exploration leads to a final design. To view the original project click here.
The ideation stage consisted of "How Might We?" questions in a 4X4 grid then distilling these into 3 main ideas
Supporting these functional features, the device must embody similar values
My Takeaways From This Project
I really valued re-doing this project, as this allowed me to be critical on my design decisions and has eventually led me to a completely different endpoint of having a singing-bowl device. Even though the first attempt lacked narrative, I still appreciated that process as I greatly improved my modelling and rendering skills. The learning point here is that instead of getting too engrossed in the design tools I use, the narrative has to be at the forefront.
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